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Charity Partner:

UnknownLale'enok Resource Centre and Save the Elephants ‘Elephants and Bees’ Project 

Project Aims:

Situated between Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Park, Lale’enok Resource Centre is based on land owned and managed communally by Maasai pastoralists.

This landscape is one of few areas where humans, livestock and amazing wildlife coexist. The Maasai have inhabited this area for centuries and played (and continue to play) an important role in maintaining the health of this unique ecosystem.
In Maa, Lale'enok means 'place where information is brought and shared'.

Further details:

Lale'enok is a community-based research and information centre. It engages local and international researchers as well as local community members. The goal is to involve the communities in research rather than deliver the research to the communities.


Example Projects:

Ele and Bees Programme
This programme is managed with Save the Elephants and focuses on the construction of beehive fences for local farmers. These fences provide a source of income for the farmers (honey/beeswax) but also act as an effective deterrant to elephants from crop-raiding. The team may help construct and install some of these fences in the local community.

Infrastructure Improvement
You may also be asked to work with local builders to improve the living quarters for the Rangers from Lale-enok. They commit their entire lives to the conservation of wildlife and their facilities are in desperate need of improvement.

‘Ranger for a Day’
You will have the opportunity to shadow one of the skilled local Rangers on their daily duties which may involve any of the below programmes– an incredible opportunity to learn about real conservation in the field!

Ecological Monitoring
This program focuses on monitoring the health of the ecosystem, and informs decisions about conservation management.

Re-building the pride
The main goal of the program is to facilitate coexistence between livestock, carnivores, and humans. This helps sustain the large populations of wildlife and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Baboon Project
Baboon Walks allow locals and visitors to learn about baboons and have promoted the protection of these primates in the area.

As well as the above conservation projects there will be many opportunities to spend time with the local Maasai community.

Extra Activities:

We include 3 days safari to visit Nakuru National Park where you can look for elephants, lion, giraffe and leopard, Lake Naivasha to visit the home of the Adamson Family (from 'Born Free'/Elsa the Lioness fame) and a trek to the summit of Mt Longonot. 


You will be staying in the community camp in basic but comfortable accommodation – i.e. no running water or electricity. The accommodation would consist of tents – with a local cook and guards to look after the team.

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